The Silence

Every act or sound we make is based on silence. In a deeper sense we can say that before anything started, also called Life, was only Silence. 
In music, only silence can give any meaning to rhythm as well as in life our silence gives rhythm to everything. If we prefer less silence we are noisy if we like more silence we are silent.
 Easy. We can work properly or have proper sleep if we are in a calm and quiet  surroundings. We all love silence in different ways.

But to hear our inner guidance, our inner voice we definitely need silence. Not necessarily external silence which also can help us to keep focus but mostly about having inner silence to be able to pay attention. This inner silence is completely available yet it’s not the easiest to find. Need sincere will to reach it and once you've captured is you should practice without any excuses. The capability for inner silence is inside all of us.

If you are interested in reaching external or/and internal silence please feel free to send an email about it or sign up for the ’Finding inner peace’ counsel!