Just for curiosity I don’t really recommend Adele but if you want to have a real change in your life, or would like to get answers for your questions, this is the place you must visit. What happens here is hard to describe. On the path of self-knowledge you finally start to LIVE.. Amina

I advise Adele’s therapy to those who want to be healthy, get well and develop. At Adele’s we can face Ourselves, we get a guidance on important areas of our life and we can let go all the baggages of our past we have been carrying for a long time. It’s quite fantastic as she lifts the curtain on Our wise, forever intelligent Self. She cures, advises with a great sense of humor and truthfully she does it in a well-grounded, totally natural way along with a very clear and practical communication which is very important to me. She helped me to get to know myself better, to make head of my current life situation and to be free from physical and spiritual problems. With these things she helped me to live a healthier and more complete life. She cannot solve our problems of course, we have to do that ourselves, but a conversation with her helped a lot to find the right way. Thank you so much!„ Mariann
I recommend Adele to every soul who knows that the solution of their problem is already in their pocket, just need someone to show them right where it is. Someone who is a heartening, supporting person and also who is ready to shake them up from their dream world in order to see the reality of life, if that is what is needed. She can show the Truth in a way only a fellow traveller can do. She uses the words to reach our heart and soul to show us those that we were not willing to see before. She makes us be able to make decisions and make changes to our life to live our life as complete as we can!” Anita