Our life is a great journey. Many roads with endless possibilities.

We are each unique yet there is a part of us which is the same. 

Our life is surely a paradox. We are developing and changing with the help of challenges and tests we go through and we sometimes suffer from. There is a saying : there is only one thing constant in life and that is change. However, I would like to invite you for a meeting - if you are up for it - where you can experience something which never went through any changes and never will. It’s still and peaceful. This part of us gives us inner strength, makes us feel safe and comfortable in all situations and guides us with wisdom, love and intelligence.

Many roads with endless possibilities. Sometimes it seems that only circumstances or other people makes our life better or worse but I think we all know that this is up to us too. Our path is up to our own choices.

The question is what kind of compass or advice do you use for a decision?
Do you use all of your power equipment? Do you know what are they exactly?
Do you live a life you want to live in every level and area?

If you said no to any of these questions, I am fully here for you and happy to assist you in any area of life .

Brief autobiography of me

During my first years as a physiotherapist I recognized that I don’t want and cannot treat people only on the physical level. We are more than just the physical, and the treatment has to focus on what we really are, body - mind - soul creatures, right? :) So, I started to train myself to be able to help people not only on body level. I had plenty experience in different kind of workshops and spiritual training, where you study the mind and soul of a human being. That’s how I got my mental health promoter diploma at Szeged University. And of course, with this training, my physical therapy became a holistic kind of therapy, including the mental and the spiritual.

It’s not a secret that my life has been always more spiritually than materially focused, from the very beginning. At my high-school age I  decided that I am going to dedicate my whole life to find the solution to my most important questions, like "How can I reach and keep inner peace?", "Why the masters say that the enlightenment is available for anybody who is searching for and willing to find it?" and why Jesus Christ said, "You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free." I was searching for years and practicing different kinds of meditations. There was an inner intelligence inside of me which kept saying that the answer was waiting for me somewhere, so I didn’t give up on it. One day the answer came to me through a master, showing me "the Truth". This Truth is so different and deeply penetrating, not like anything I ever imagined or desired. From that very moment I started to see myself, people and our world differently. My life has changed or better to say: from that moment my real life has just begun..